Because the shoulder and hip joints receive a lot of repetitive use, they are at a greater risk for injury. Whether your joints have been impacted by sports or exercise or they simply suffer from overuse, our chiropractor can help get you back to full mobility. If you are suffering from shoulder or leg pain, find out how Back on Track Family Chiropractic can help with your injury.

Arm and Leg Pain in Spanish Fork
When patients suffer from arm and leg pain, it can be difficult for them to identify the source of their pain themselves. While some pain is the result of an obvious accident or source of stress, often the pain can develop slowly. Inflammation and conditions like arthritis, bursitis or tendinitis can sometimes cause chronic pain. However, many times misalignment of the vertebrae can irritate nerves and cause symptoms. Because many nerves within the limbs are directly connected to the spine (such as the sciatic nerve), treating the spine and vertebrae can bring relief.

Chiropractic Treatment for Arm and Leg Pain
Treating injured joints and identifying the sources of your pain can be difficult. Have our professional chiropractor help find and treat the source of your symptoms. Call (801) 504-6125 for an appointment, and Dr. David Baggaley can provide relief for your arm and leg pain in Spanish Fork, Utah. Our treatments are both non-invasive and effective when repositioning affected areas.