Carpal tunnel occurs when swelling puts pressure on the nerve inside of the wrist. There are many ways to address this condition, including medication and surgery. However, chiropractic treatment is both effective and non-invasive and is often less expensive than other options. If you would like to learn about Dr. David Baggaley’s treatments for carpal tunnel in Spanish Fork, Utah, meet with us today!

Carpal Tunnel in Spanish Fork
Patients suffering from carpal tunnel may notice pain, numbness, tingling, burning or swelling in their hands. Usually, this radiates out from the palms and into the thumb and fingers. The fingers may also feel weak and have difficulty grasping objects. If these issues are not addressed, it can lead to permanent damage.

What Is the Cause of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
When the tissues and bone move out of place, they can cause swelling and put pressure on the nerves of the hand. Repeated stress or fractures and accidents can cause carpal tunnel. However, most of our patients develop this syndrome due to repeated overuse of the hands and wrists or from using instruments that produce vibrations. Certain metabolic disorders, pregnancy and obesity can also be a contributing factor. However, misalignment and spinal problems can also lead to carpal tunnel.

How Is Carpal Tunnel Treated?
Though your symptoms may be relieved by physiotherapy, medication or decompression surgery, these do not always address the root of the problem. For long-term relief, many patients find success with treatment from our chiropractor. At Back on Track Family Chiropractic, we provide treatments that are non-invasive and often more affordable than surgery or therapy. Find out more about carpal tunnel syndrome by calling our office at (801) 504-6125.