Struggling With Ear Infections?
Ear infections are bacterial infections that cause pain, sleep loss, nausea, vomiting, fever and difficulty hearing. While this is a common illness, there are many ways to avoid it or treat it without rushing to the ER. Antibiotics can sometimes treat the source of the infection, but a proper diagnosis is key to treatment. When your child does not respond to antibiotics, the solution may come from our chiropractor.

Traditional Diagnosis and Treatments of Ear Infections
When the ear infection is caused by bacteria, antibiotics can be an effective solution. Children who suffer from multiple, chronic ear infections may also be treated with ear or “tympanostomy” tubes. However, this is an invasive procedure that requires anesthesia and is not 100 percent effective. If antibiotics do not work or the infection reappears, the problem may be structural.

Ear Infections in Spanish Fork
Dr. David Baggaley is trained to identify misalignment, muscle tightness and other structural problems that contribute to ear infections. Chiropractic issues can interfere with the body’s ability to prevent and properly drain infection fluid. Blocks in the inner ear can lead to frequent relapses and reoccurrences. If you are looking for a solution for your child’s chronic ear infections in Spanish Fork, Utah, visit Back on Track Family Chiropractic. Parents can call our office at (801) 504-6125 and quickly book their child for an appointment.