When the spine curves sharply to the right or the left, it is a symptom of scoliosis. Though the condition can start off small, it can develop and become more severe over time and can cause severe problems. However, when scoliosis is caught early, it can be easily managed and treated. Visit Back on Track Family Chiropractic and have us address, treat or identify your condition.

Scoliosis in Spanish Fork
While a healthy spine aligns itself in a straight line, scoliosis can cause it to curve to the right or left. The exact cause of the curve can vary, but the muscles and tissue will start to compensate, increasing the curve. Usually, scoliosis is found in young patients as they develop. However, some patients may start to suffer from this condition, especially if they also suffer from osteoporosis.

What Are the Consequences of Scoliosis?
In addition to neck, back and shoulder pain, it can also lead to sciatica injuries. If left untreated, it can cause more severe physical disabilities, decreased lung capacity, decreased heart function or painful menstruation.

How Is Scoliosis Identified?
Scoliosis is not usually identified first by the patient. A parent or close friend may notice that the shoulders and hips no longer look parallel. By examining the gait, spine or the Adams Position Text, a professional can determine whether scoliosis is present. X-rays can also be used to determine the extent of the condition.

Chiropractic Treatment of Scoliosis

If Dr. David Baggaley determines that you have scoliosis, our chiropractor will complete a full examination of your health history. Once this has been completed, our office can start you on an appropriate treatment. Plan an appointment by calling (801) 504-6125, and our chiropractic office can treat and identify symptoms of scoliosis in Spanish Fork, Utah.