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We sell many different Supplements for different purposes at our clinic - many of these supplements are actually on stock in our office. For information on them see these sites:

(addresses mood disorders, depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, bipolar disorder, parkinson's disease, other neurologic disorders, etc) https://backontrack.myqxlife.com
If you would like to view a 3 minute video of Fox News reporting on this supplement see this link or click on the movie.
Further product information can be found at : www.qsciences.com

(addresses high blood pressure, plaquing in arteries, kidney malfunction, cardiovascular disease, etc - also useful for athletes looking to gain an edge as it helps oxygenate the blood and decreases the amount of lactic acid in the blood stream allowing you to exercise longer)

(addresses a variety of problems using the best of essential oils setting a new standard for pure in the industry - Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG)! Set your standards high and order today.)

(This last health partner might confuse you a bit - but your financial and physical health are tied together such that I have to let you know of these possibilities.) Strongbrook is the financial solution that many have been looking for on how to invest their money in real estate without throwing it all away on the learning curve or taking all the time you have to earn the money.

Strongbrook Direct
(If you are not financially in a place where you can invest in real estate yet - there is a way to get involved in real estate anyways - Don't let this opportunity pass you by)

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“Dr. Baggaley knows how to treat his patients with loving care. He has helped me in so many ways. The pain is gone and I am free to enjoy life again!”

- Mark B.

“I really appreciate how Dr. Baggaley kept me informed as to his treatments. I always knew what he was treating and how best to treat my aches and pains.”

- Gary C.

“Dr. Baggaley is an experienced chiropractor and really knows his stuff. This was my first time going to a chiropractor and it really helped me! He made me feel at ease and helped me understand the difficulties I was going through.”

- Michael B.

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